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Invest In Youreslf

Hiring a stylist sparks motivation in all areas of your life. Every person possesses the desire to look our best.  Regardless of where we are in life we want others to view us as confident, likable, and generally someone they would like to be around. 


On average we have roughly seven seconds to make a first impression.  Seven seconds leaves minimal space for impact aside from our general appearance and body language. Ensure that you control those lasting impressions, interactions, and relationships by owning your own unique style and confidence. 


Know that each piece of clothing and accessory that you own is serving you and not doing a disservice.  That confidence will enable you to share your brilliance with the world, whether it be for a job, event, life-style change, or to just celebrate a "new" you.

As a human, I care that each person I connect with is living their best life.  As a woman, I care that I lift other women up and share in a universal support of one another.  As a stylist, it is my ultimate goal that my clients have fun, discover their own personal style, and always wear their crown.


About Hillary


As a style consultant, entrepreneur, and philanthropist down to my core, I am the owner and founder of Boutique227. I have been in the fashion industry over 15 years, working both as a personal stylist and as in-house stylist at Nordstrom. I strive to help my clients create wardrobes that exude confidence because I love helping women feel amazing and step out of their comfort zone.

My path has taken me on many adventures, great and small, but each piece has contributed to the woman who created Boutique227. As a middle child, who attended a private school with a dress code, I learned at a young age that I wasn't the type to fit inside of a mold.

As a wanderer I studied Spanish and anthropology at the University of Denver. Then lived in Spain for a year studying language and culture. While there, I traveled all over Europe and once drove all the way to France just for a Herve Chapelier handbag.  My passion for fashion knows no bounds!

I have owned a children’s boutique, worked for Nordstrom as a stylist, and created my own styling company knowing that fashion is in every fiber of my being.  My son, Jack, is my greatest love, and fashion is my grandest passion.

Every woman is beautiful.  And its my mission to help her find her confidence!



I always have the best time with you. You always push me out of my fashion comfort zone. Thank you for all the cute finds.

We had such a great time! Thank you for your support in pushing me outside of what had become a far to comfortable "mom uniform".

Hillary did a wonderful job in advising me on my wardrobe in preparation for a job and lifestyle change.  Her style and advice has been spot on, and I have been very happy with how she has advised me.

Hannah - Granby, CT

Annisa - West Hartford, CT

Gail - Simbsury, CT


Look Book

We will collaborate together to determine your current fashion style and strategy - from your favorite pieces, to where you like to shop to where you want to take your life, fashion and first impression. Here is sample of my personal style but we will create a personalized style that is unique to you.

Contact Me

HILLARY WALLACE   | BOUTIQUE 227 |   (860) 543-3087

Curating style throughout Connecticut's Farmington Valley

and surrounding towns!


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